FOLLOW-UP FRIDAY!!!!!! Oh the places you’ll go!! Traveling with Danny the Street-By Angel Hayes

After sharing the creation of Danny the Street with you I thought it would be only fitting if we follow him through his travels together.

We’ll follow him as he travels with the Doom Patrol. Bringing them along, being their HQ, pulling them out of danger, and even following them into the mind of Crazy Jane.

He begins his adventure surviving The Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. by gathering the Doom Patrol to defeat their hate agenda.


Nothing says Christmas days like explosions


After the battle has raged on Sara invites us to Danny the Kitchen. Where we can once again see that awesome literal subtext


No McDonald’s on Danny the Street. 

After this Calder has the best idea in any comic of all time. To have your headquarters on a psychics defying traveling sentient street.


No headquarters was ever so stylish

Danny the Street becomes Doom Patrol’s home base. Bringing them some softness in their existence as outcasts.



He compliments Dorothy in the nicest condescending way possible.

During this time, the Doom Patrol has a well earned respite. Jane’s new personality comes out, and what follows are two of my favorite pages in Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol V2 #46 - Page 11

Doom Patrol V2 #46 - Page 13


Danny knows places no one else does. Places where the mind quiets and Robot skin feels

Moving along,

Every fabulous adventurer starts somewhere. It would not feel like a long journey with a friend unless I show you where Danny’s started.

Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 17

Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 18


What Danny has been we have now seen. What he can become and where he can go however…

Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 19

Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 20 Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 21 Doom Patrol V2 #62 - Page 22

Danny the World….

Today, I do not have the time to show you all of Danny’s travels, but anywhere at any time the lanes of traffic may shift, the dark alley may become bright, the coldness we associate with concrete will warm, and we will smile.

Doom Patrol V2 #63 - Page 25


There is a better world…It’s known as Danny.

Bona to Vada,

Angel Hayes

On the Street Where You Live…-By Angel Hayes

Welcome back, lovely readers.

Last time we spoke there was blood everywhere and cheesecake on the corner. Now I implore you to follow me in the way-back machine from 1994 to 1990.

Follow me to meet up with our ever ostracized….Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 1

Welcome to where all that you can think you may will into existence

Doom Patrol (v2) #35 – Down Paradise Way – 1990 – Vertigo Comics

The covers of Doom Patrol V2 comics are a singular art. If you thought my passion for holographic covers were impressive (and/or unnerving), we have only just begun.


The Carpenters know that life is just entropy. Much like the Doom Patrol.

There is nothing quite like Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

Much like the way breezes feel best in the spring and rain doesn’t bother you if your day has no obligations, it can only be experienced not explained.

The grotesque but colorful covers give way not to a magical land, but one of pure will. Imagination is not king here. He is God. Gruesome, uncaring, and ultimately what all beings are capable of.

Phew. Let’s take a breath.

We open on a rather plain looking lady for the cover we’ve just be traumatized by.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 2

She looks like LADY SCIENTIST or LADY WRITER off of the flash cards from Careers the Board Game.

She’s searching for Danny. And as luck would have it, Danny appears!

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 3

We can all identify Paradise by hobos with booze in their hands.

What an amazing splash page.

Featuring literal subtext (a true weakness of mine) as Danny responds with, “Hello, Sara.” Amazing choice of colors by keeping mundane elements such as the concrete and brick their normal colors. It makes the surreal fantasticism pop out and right into our already charmed hearts.

I starred at this page for no less than eight minutes when I first encountered it. Drinking in the lines, the focal points, the curves of the light posts, the unexpected joy brought to life via whimsy in the bittersweet atmosphere of a back alley city street.

We continue as Sara and Danny catch up much like old friends tend to do…except with Danny, it’s way more fucking badass.

danny speaking capture

Danny is the ultimate texter.

Welcome to Danny.

A being whom I consider to be one of the most wonderful things ever willed into existence. The nostalgia of walking where you had once been. The melancholy that follows when the places your memories were made have been destroyed. All of this makes perfect sense with Danny. Much like Lovecraft’s The Street, he sees all and feels all. He experiences it with you, just like the sadness you feel for lost and forgotten places can permeate your mind.

Also, Berlin is always Divine.

We now switch from the fabulous Danny. To our homegrown outcast heroes, the Doom Patrol themselves.

They’re moving out, and like everything and anything in Doom Patrol stories Robotman, Cliff Steele, just doesn’t get it.


Kids who want two front teeth for Christmas have nothing on Cliff.

Robotman is a straight man’s straight man. So straight even his skin is steel (rimshot).

He’s our human throughout Doom Patrol even though he’s a robot….I PROMISE IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE.

The chief (who is like professor X with no need for mental abilities because he has a gun and beard that could kill bears) decides it’s time for the Doom Patrol to swap HQs. He has important beard-related/destroying-the-world-sometimes-saving-the-world things to do, and this old warehouse isn’t cutting it.

Cliff is understandably pretty angsty and upset about his metal can body that he is continually being promised an upgrade for. Sounds like he’s stuck in the cell phone contract cycle.

The next page features Joshua Clay (Tempest) and a small extra from Planet of the Apes known as Dorothy.

We see a setup room to test her abilities ala danger room (X-Men rips off of the Doom Patrol a lot. They just decided Scott Summers was better than a robot who was a race car driver – tsk tsk.)


 Dorothy makes Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends look terrifying.

Dorothy’s special abilities allow her to take beings from her own mind and pull them into reality. She has difficultly controlling the manifestation of them. The Good, the Bad, and the 3am Acid Trip all come out.

Let us get out of this nightmare and move on to a dream.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 9

I told that you’d know Paradise by the booze in the hobo’s hands

This is the beauty of Danny the Street. A sanctuary for the lost, one with opinions and an understanding of the human condition. Danny swept up the downtrodden and provided them with happiness. Paradise is reached when the ones who have nothing can be happy and healthy. Danny the Street is paradise for all of those who find him.

Now that you’ve got your smiling faces on just like Doom Patrol I’m going to slap that smile off your adorable face with a shift in tone.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 10 Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 11

Don’t we all want that button in our kitchens? Never mind – Do NOT Want.

First of all, what a shift in tone (feeling that slap?). Our surrealistic focal points and dancing hobos have no place here. Rigid lines and flat colors rule the panels here making the oppression complete. Normalcy is the only thing allowed here.

Also bonus points if you figured out that he stabs her with a stylized heretic’s fork.

This is something Doom Patrol pulls off like no other. These are the events so weird no one else wants to even look upon it.

Let us meet the benefactors of our strange events that will come to pass.


Oh, that’s where I left the surrealism…in the basement, of course.

Mr. Jones introduces us to The Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Mr. Jones has already proved to be easily provoked and full of terrible. Surely, those that follow him would look like evil K-9s with elf shoes and purple trench coats.

These guys gave me many a nightmare as the series went on. They are exactly what I would destroy first should I ever will them into existence.

Let’s check in on our philanthropic outcasts, shall we?

groupsupportA alchemist’s dream, a robot, a man in a wheelchair, a split personality disorder patient, and an ape girl….Well, I tried to make a joke but this is the saddest group therapy ever.

Doom Patrol is getting out their feelings and trying to figure out where to go from here. Rebis (formerly Negative Man) is chill and Crazy Jane can’t decide what she feels in between all the turmoil inside her.

We go over the plans; Dorothy needs to pee. Moving on.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 15

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 16

This is what I imagine all normal suburbanite dinner parties that I don’t get invited to are like.

The Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s speaking patterns are horrifying. You can hear them being telegraphed out. Horrible thoughts gargled with cruel intentions, words of hate pumped out with ease.

Not even wifey’s googly eyes can ease the terror and that is what googly eyes are for.

Something about the nonchalant mixing of the transmitted hate speech and yellow wallpaper with tulips makes the back of my spine contort. It also makes me not trust all bed and breakfasts.

Back to my family and yours, the Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 17Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 18









These are really just here to show off Crazy Jane’s Amazing Room. Hence why they’re small.

Crazy Jane is helping Rebis indulge in vanity, and Cliff, well, he just wants something to happen.

Back to Mr. Douchebag Jones

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 19

I can’t overstate how amazing it is that Danny the Street is a Transvestite. 

So like most things angry privileged “normal” people can’t stand, Mr. Jones aims to destroy Danny the Street.

Let’s talk about that amazing and foreboding last panel.

Not only do The Men look intimidating the color contrast of that evil laughter and the misaligned placement of it. Gives me the willies. The overbearing shadows they cast and the perspective of them looming over us is enough to make me want to close my eyes. The shadows they cast are weapons just as powerful as the dark thoughts they stir in my mind. The steam rises off of them to show they are not just weapons of hate, but purely logical machines of it.

Phew. Let’s turn on the lights.

Things cheer up over the next two pages to show Danny the Street’s Perpetual Cabaret!!!


Phantom Limb’s Uncle. Complete with Shiny Suit.

Every is well with the cabaret until someone is said to have been killed. KILLED ON DANNY THE STREET! Our only sanctuary is desecrated.



My heart breaks. 

Sara, our resident lady scientist/writer, needs to find out who shattered her world. Wandering out to protect Danny she finds what we all fear.

The niggling doubts that say we are different and our differences make us weak. That normal is the only acceptable route for existence and life.

The force of doubt and hatred that is


Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 23Nothing cute or witty. Just terror.

Their intimidating words, the looming figures like boogeymen who never leave our closets or our panicked late night thoughts.

We see them face to face. With all the industrial terror behind them ready to replicate.


They appear to try and destroy Danny the Street. The being of benevolence, the lonely place we stumble upon when we are trying to find ourselves, his lights always shining through our darkness.

Sara manages to warn Danny while escaping their ill-aimed shots. He must quickly try and escape; however….

Doom Patrol V2 #35 - Page 25

This is normal for the Doom Patrol.

Where is a street to hide?

-Angel Eena


FOLLOW-UP FRIDAY!!!!!! Assassin’s Run-Punisher War Zone #3-11


Hey folks, it is FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP here at The Unspoken Decade!   For the second week in a row, we have brought you Punisher!  Now, don’t fret over the overexposure, Angel, will be in next week with some decidedly non-vigilante stuff, and when I come back the week after that, I will be bringing you the great Justice Society of America series from 1992 by Len Strazewski and the late Mike Parobeck!  So good!

But for now, we are looking at the end of the storyarc I have been covering in Punisher:  War Zone.  Punisher’s cover gets blown because he gets too greedy and keeps hitting too many Carbone establishments.  The Carbones hit Punisher hard, and they leave him for dead, only for Shotgun, the guy from #1 who killed 103 people, to show up and save him.  They then attack the Carbone family at Rosa’s wedding, where Punisher kills her Dad and her fiancé.  Then because her day was already going so well, he informs her that he never really cared about her, and he sort of calls her spoiled and naïve.

She reacts to this very well.

She hires several assassins who are named after what they do because sometimes life is an awesome exploitation film. (Silence is a ninja, Garrote uses a Garrote.  I Love it!)  They all attack Punisher, forming and disbanding a variety of alliances.  Punisher, believe it or not, kills them.  For real, dude, dead.  Of course, he kidnaps Rosa Carbone and uses her as bait to basically draw the killers into a trap!  He gets some help from Lynne Michaels and old pal along the way!  I won’t spoil anything else for you but the covers!!!!!

255 The Punisher War Zone #3 - Page 1 260 The Punisher War Zone #4 - Page 1 275 The Punisher War Zone #6 - Page 1 286 The Punisher War Zone #7 - Page 1 291 The Punisher War Zone #8 - Page 1 292 The Punisher War Zone #298 - Page 1 301 The Punisher War Zone #10 - Page 1

267 The Punisher War Zone #5 - Page 1
This one is very special to me because it was one of the first comics I bought when I started getting big into comics. I got it at Wal-Mart, and I read and re-read it until it came off the staples. Being a 7th grader, I also though the blood coming out from under his eye was amazing.

The Gimmick Era Has Never Been Covered So Well.

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