Kingdom of Silence – Inhumans #1 by Angel Hayes

The X-Men awesome. The Doom Patrol? Even better. But what about not a team…but a Kingdom? A race? A civilization?

Allow me to introduce a people whom need no proper introduction

INHUMANS #1 By Marvel Knights 1998

This run has a foreword by the great Alex Ross himself. He gives his Kudos and says how excited he is for it. If Alex Ross doing your foreword isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is.

 Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 1

Look at that cover and try and convince me it’s not for a movie poster

The Inhumans, if you are unfamiliar, are a race of amazo mutants. Whom use the Terrigen Mists to alter themselves to their utmost genetic potential. Because their abijlites are geneic based The Inhumans exist in a weird kind of Genoarchy, where selective breeding, training, and exposure to the mists has created the most potential in their race…Anyway we’ll be covering a lot of it as we move on.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate that cover. LORD JESUS, that cover. Bold title space that expands over, great v formation of the subjects, making them look bold and heroic. Their uniqueness highlighted as well as it can be while staying in the confines of the cover. The light play is what really gets us. Showing us passing glimpses of our beautiful inhumans while tying together the cover as whole the shimmer from the title is the same kind of gleam that we see in different spots.

Now that I’ve satisfied my terrible cover lust we can move forward.

Page 6 is an alternative cover that for this version is just an awesome splash page. And amazingly 90’s.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 6 Did Sonic Youth set BlackBolt on Fire?

BlackBolt is our stoic king. And with good reason. One of his whispers could destroy a planet. Simultaneously, he is the strongest most perfect mutant ever. Someone so trapped by their own gifts but given power for them. The king of an empire that expands outward beyond the stars can never do something as mundane as singing in the shower.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 7

I find that fact that the most powerful man in the universe can use his voice the least absolutely lovely.

Another amazing thing about BlackBolt is because of his lack of a voice so much more attention to his body language is given by the artist.

I don’t know if you noticed but I kinda have thing for art.

Next up we get to see some amazing views of Attilan (homeworld of the inhumans) as Blackbolt flies overhead. This is a world of purity. In addition, to the amazing diversity of it. Inhumans have had lots of trouble with the impurities found on Earth. They keep Attilan as perfect as they believe themselves to be.

Lots of awesome diverse Alien shots, lots of introspection on Blackbolt’s part. But what else can you do when the only voice you may speak is in your mind?

Blackbolt finally lands and we get our intro title splash page

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 10

 Also Butts.

Blackbolt has arrived at the Attilan Prison. To meet with his amazingly crazy Brother, Maximus.

 Maximus is crazy as can be and continues to berate his brother who looks upon him. He brings up things of the past. The death of their parents and how Maximus tried to side with the Kree. How he knows Blackbolt won’t ever say a word after accidentally killed their parents.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 14

And this is what happens when we argue, Brother. 

To stop his brother’s plans Blackbolt was forced to speak and in doing so cause much destruction including the death of his parents.

In these panels we see an amazing dynamic principle, it conveys the continual sonic energy through out it. Also the light shifts to match the rest of the destruction. Such a glorious page of fire, sound, and loss.

In the next beautiful page of shadows, Maximus accuses Blackbolt’s silence being an indication of his guilt. Blackbolt leaves his brother to his madness.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 15

 The losing sibling always slumps in the corner.

I cannot get over the shadows on Blackbolt. Darkness and silence merge together into panel of loneliness.

Maximus screaming his madness and we can see that his only view is of himself. The continual scourge of hate from his mouth and back through his reflection.The way the brothers are shown to stare at one another.

Through one another. It makes my heart ache.

We now take a drastic turn to show the current state of living from the Inhumans and how they view the earth and humanity in turn.

The barriers that protect the Inhumans from our pollution. The way they view our greed when it comes to natural resources. Our destruction of one another. But also how some are still noble. How we can be loyal beyond a fault. Our ignorance to what we do to each other.

And how close we are to their kingdom.

Another major shift and we find ourselves inside the royal court. Queen Medusa is talking to her handmaiden, Marista.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 18 Self-Braiding Hair = Amazing Super Power

Medusa worries for her husband and the fate of Inhumans.

The page is the first intense color we see in the whole comic. Bright hues and intense color contrasts make this feel so fantastical. I adore alien nature of it.

Queen Medusa continues to speak her thoughts onto the next page which is breathtaking.

 Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 19

 Queens keep it classy with slips.

The way they focus Blackbolt’s head into the center of the panels. His mind against the stars; He is the center of the universe. While he mediates it’s almost as though he is single-handedly realigning the very stars.

Over the next two pages we see the royal family blessing an inhuman infant. Blackbolt muses over all the things he wishes that could relay to the new life his race has created.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 20Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 21I couldn’t put into words what Blackbolt Couldn’t Either

These pages are beyond entrancing. The pull of focus by using washed shadows is just incredible. So beautifully subtle you don’t even feel the tug of the panels.


To see the one so beyond our comprehension, in the memories of one so beyond humanity, is just an amazing to me.

Moving on, we experience another shift this time to Kanark and his brother. Kanark is the adivser to the throne. His mutation allows him to see all weaknesses. To calculate all outcomes. Karnark in the past has been represented as haughty and outspoken. Here he is shown as more wise and introspective.

The art takes a bit of a dark cast here. Like subterfuge with red toned shadows.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 25

That’s how my family poses for a portrait.

Kanark seriously considers how his King appears to have no weakness. Years of not being able to predict what will happen next to him. For someone who’s gift is that of the breakdown of future events and current weaknesses never being able to find the current path for your commander…your friend…your family. Must be a terrible fate. To see all the strings but never find the knot.

Kanark’s musings will come back to us in time. Now it is time for dinner though.

The Royal Family meets and discusses the current state of affairs complete with bad joke from Gorgon.

Gorgon snidely says some things…Then Triton…Then Crystal and Suddenly it’s a real family meal complete with bickering.

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 27


And all this beautiful art. The soul filled narrative has lead to this one final page. The one pervading thought across this book is…

What Would Blackbolt say?

Inhumans V2 #1 - Page 28From the mindset of an undefeated King what else would you say to your subjects? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this departure with me on one of my favorite lineups in all of comics.

See you past the mists,


The World You Have Always Known is Born-MC2 Part 2…J2!!!

Hey everybody!  Hope you enjoyed the first part of the MC2 Summer here at The Unspoken Decade!  It only gets hotter from here!  Last week, we talked about the  cornerstone of the MC2 Universe, Spider-Girl.  This week, we tackle J2, which is appropriate, because J2 does a lot of tackling.

If you figured out that J2 is connected to the Juggernaut, quit reading this immediately and go apply at your nearest police department; the force could use someone with those detective skills.  They have lots of tough cases that only a mind like yours could crack!  Ok, that was harsh, but indeed J2 and Juggernaut are connected, as J2 is the son of the original Juggernaut, just as Spider-Girl is the daughter of Spider-Man.  That’s a trope that we see time and time again in the MC2 Universe.  (Should I say universe or imprint?  I have wrestled with this a few times, and I can’t decide.  Opinions in the comments, please.)  I have no issue with that, as I am sure that is what the majority of readers wanted to see.  I was more interested in seeing things venture into the unknown in my favorite titles, especially J2.

My favorite super villain is Juggernaut.  From the moment I saw Juggernaut, I was completely mesmerized.  Few characters have a look so appropriate and striking.  When you see Juggernaut, you think Juggernaut, even if you don’t know that’s his name.  I’m fascinated by the ferocity and strength that is summed up simply in the catchphrase we have all come to know and love:  “Nothing Stops The Juggernaut!”  (If you said “I’m The Juggernaut, bitch”, I am unsure we can be friends anymore, and congratulations for ruining comic books.)  The real question here, though, is does J2 measure up?

Even if he does not measure up to Juggernaut, he will always have the admiration of ECW star Raven for continuing the legacy of tying flannel around one's waist.
Even if he does not measure up to Juggernaut, he will always have the admiration of ECW star Raven for continuing the legacy of tying flannel around one’s waist.


If you don’t know who Raven is, you are missing out, big time  Take some time, get the WWE Network, and then check him out on ECW.  If there is anything more 90’s than the comic books we have been talking here at The Unspoken Decade, it’s definitely professional wrestling.

Speaking of wrestling, we learn quickly that Juggernaut is gone, but he made a face turn before he disappeared.  Despite the fact that we are told instantly that this is indeed the progeny of The Unstoppable Juggernaut, he is nowhere to be found!  That was a letdown to me.  I had hoped to see Juggernaut, yelling at his kid to mow the lawn or remarking about how when he had the Crimson of Cyttorak, he used it the right way.  Something about crotchety Dad Juggernaut makes me laugh so hard that I scare kittens.  That’s literally true.  We just got a kitten, and my bellowing made it seek sanctuary in the kitchen.

We do see Zane Yama-Marko, Juggernaut’s son, and we quickly see more of him than he would have cared for us to see.  We also see more of him than we would have cared to see.

You never forget your first time.
I wonder if that volleyball player in heat would have been so excited about J2, giant and naked or not, if she had heard him crying for his Mama just a second or two earlier.

The above picture shows you the first time that Zane is able to morph into J2!  I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they meant when they say “You never forget your first time.”  J2 has all the power of his Dad, but none of the experience.  In fact, just like May Parker, he’s still in high school!  Unlike May Parker, though, who has both the jocks and the nerds in her corner due to her physical and mental prowess, Zane is an out and out dork who aspires to approach ladies. No one would have confused me with Don Juan during my high school days, but even I was aware that talking about math was uncool as hell.

Did he expect her to reply like it was some sort of hokey Valentines Day card?   Like sh
Did he expect her to reply like it was some sort of hokey Valentine’s Day card? Like she was going to say, “Zane, my favorite equation is adding you and me “2”gether!” or something?

Zane may be more like Spider-Man than Spider-Girl other than, you know, not having his powers and all.  But just like a young Peter Parker, Zane is burdneded by a lack of social graces at school, and the lack of a male father figure at home burdens him as well.  He does have the good fortune of having a best friend with the greatest name in history: Montana Gold.  I think she has a crush on Zane as well, but he is blinded by the stunning Talia, who is rendered amazingly by Ron Lim.

Lim is the 90’s to me.  In my first days of collecting, I was exposed to his work on The Infinity War, where he drew, well, everyone in the Marvel Universe except The Punisher, who I wish I could have seen in a crossover in that event, if for no other reason than to see Punisher in a spot he had no business being.  Sort of like how I just slapped him into this J2 article.

Due to the fact that Ron Lim drew everyone in that book, his take on many of Marvel’s characters became the take on them in my eyes.  He was the first guy to draw Alpha Flight for me, and because of his rendering, they continue to have a soft spot in my heart to this day.  And if he could make me an Alpha Flight fan, just imagine what a fight between J2 and The Incredible Hulk drawn by him could do.

When it comes to getting beaten up by The Hulk, it's like father, like son for J2.
When it comes to getting beaten up by The Hulk, it’s like father, like son for J2.

Ron Lim being fantastic aside, J2 was easier for me to relate to while also being very easy to cheer for.  He was trying to find himself in a brand new world, something I could certainly identify with. I was 18 and about to turn 19 when I picked these comic books up off the shelf, not much older than Zane.  I had been where he was at just a few years prior.  I was starting 9th grade, I had never kissed a girl, I was too smart for my own good, and I was about as secure as pile of money inside a wet paper bag on a casino floor.  Thanks to Upward Bound, I was able to find myself.  (Upward Bound is a terrific program for impoverished kids who want to attend college.  Check it out and support it all you can!)  I somehow channeled all of my passion for nerd stuff into being cool-no small feat in the 90’s.  It ain’t like today, kids.

But here I was, now a freshman in college, and I was overwhelmed.  A blind dolphin 7,839 miles from the ocean could not have felt more lost than I did.  I attempted to use my charm at college, but everything was going wrong in my attempts to make new pals.  Zane couldn’t make any pals (other than the excellently named Montana Gold!) either, which somehow made me feel a bit better about my own predicament.  Don’t worry folks, for the both of you who are, I eventually figured out how to make friends in college:  ALCOHOL.

Zane didn’t have that option, what with this being a family friendly comic and all (STILL CODE APPROVED, KIDS), but he did have his mother.  J2’s mom is great, working hard as a single mom and being an assistant district attorney, but she is also leery of J2 and wants to know what his connection to her missing husband is.  Zane, being J2, keeps the secret from his mom despite her efforts to find out as much as she can about him.  Can you imagine how awful that must be?  When I was a teenager, my mom’s constant forays into unraveling all my secrets were awful enough; I can’t imagine how much more terrible that would have been if I had a secet identity my mom was also looking into.

J2 #2 - Page 2

That classified shtick would never work if she knew that was her son.
That classified shtick would never work if she knew that was her son.

J2 also saw the debut of an MC2 character who would get her own title:  Wild Thing!   Wild Thing is the daugher of Wolverine of and Elektra, but I am loathe to say more here;  it’s an MC2 summer, and she will be getting her own entry! You don’t have to wait that long to see her, though.

J2 #5 - Page 1
Even in an alternate Marvel future, Wolverine still guest-stars to boost sales.  Hell, they just used his LOGO to boost sales here.

J2 is also a member of A-Next (the next entry here in the MC2 summer!), but he obviously has many ties to the X-Men family as well.  That’s evidenced not just above, but also when the Uncanny X-People guest star, or my favorite, when we are introduced to Magneta, Mistress of Magnetism!

J2 #6 - Page 1J2 being the connection between the Avengers/X-People is another way that MC2 harkens back to the old days of the Marvel Universe.  I find it similar as to when Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver joined the Avengers.  Marvel has always felt special in the way its characters are tethered together, and these little touches in the MC2 Universe kept that feeling alive.  J2 being the connection between the two groups made perfect sense, as he can easily transfer between them.  I have no problem believing that he would be with the X-People (That’s what they are called now, folks, and to make that name even worse, Jubilee is their leader.  She’s the worst!) in the morning while then turning around and going toe-to-toe with some of the hardest hitting super villains in the galaxy with A-Next at his side.

J2 just succeeds on all levels.  I think that Tom DeFalco’s magnum opus was the MC2 line, in particular the Spider-Girl title.  That’s definitely the best of the bunch, but J2 is my favorite.  This title seemed to speak directly to me when I picked it up off the shelf in 1998, and when I read it now it brings me back to a more confused but somehow simpler time.  How, nostalgia, how you bring the dichotomous together!

For real though, if you see this in a dollar or quarter box, snatch it up!  You won’t be let down as you get to see J2 try and find his way in the world, his way with girls, and then finally, he tried to find his Dad!  These are twelve solid issues that will leave you with the same sort of smile you get now when you think of Joey Lawrence laying a “Whoa!” on you.  OK, the smile J2 brings will be better than that!

Next week, Angel Hayes is back as she takes a gander at…The Inhumans!  Sound the trumpets!  Here comes Marvel Knights!  And in two weeks, the MC2 summer continues with A-Next!!!

The World You Have Always Known is Born-MC2 Part 1…SPIDER-GIRL!!!




Hey 90’s people!  Sorry we weren’t able to get this to you sooner, but I hope you have enjoyed the tremendous work the last few weeks, done by Angel Hayes and Emily Scott respectively, but much to your delight (and chagrin to some of you – after their work, how’s a guy supposed to compete?) I have returned to the era of Hypercolor, Friends, and Extreme!  Rest assured 90’s babies, I have missed you as much as you have missed me!

The 90’s meant tons to me, not just because of the enjoyable comics, but because that was the era of my youth.  I turned 11 in 1990, and I turned 21 in 2000.  The 90’s are the era when I discovered my music, my books, and myself.  This is also the time that I discovered girls, and no, this isn’t some joke where I say, among them Spider-Girl!  Although, that is indeed a joke I might make.  The point here is that, like many a young lad, attempting to attract the fancy of the opposite sex made me give up some of the interests I had previous clung to more tightly than that lady tried to hold on to Stallone’s hand in Cliffhanger.  Just like her, I was unable to hold on.

Too Soon?

I really thought this was a great movie when I was young. I watched in on VHS and yelled “Stallone is back!” to no one in particular because I was alone. What?


I made few new comic book purchases during the years of 10th-12th grade.  Like I said, I was discovering girls, but in addition to that, my local comic shop had fallen victim to the speculator bust/Marvel distributor fiasco (and I am sure we will cover this eventually right here, 90’s fans!). Our local supermarkets dropped comic books at this time too, so no matter how badly I wanted any of the adventures of the X-Men, Punisher, or CyberRad, I was S.O.L.  I was not one of those folks who abandons their love altogether, though.  I certainly still admitted to liking superheroes;  I just was not able to buy comics.  And even if comics had been there, I don’t know that I could have.  16-18 is such a confusing time for folks, and despite my affinity for fun articles about 90’s comics and great radio shows like Her Dork World, His Dork World (co-hosted by Emily Scott, who wrote the fantastic Death article from last week!) and Compton After Dark, I was no exception to that.  Like nearly all teens, I vacillated between being gung-ho about my interests and defending Chumbawumba vociferously to cowering if someone dared offer a disparaging comment toward WKRP in Cincinnati or anything else I loved.

Don't worry, after just a few more unentertaining and rambling lines about my experiences, I will answer the questions posed on this cover.
Don’t worry, after just a few more unentertaining and rambling lines about my past, I will answer the questions posed on this cover.

When I headed for college at Arkansas State University in 1998, I was fortunate enough that campus was about 3/4 of a mile from a comic book store.  I was also SO LUCKY to have very few friends, so I didn’t have to worry what people thought of me.  I’d learn to blend my interests and passions into a way to be likable, but my first year of college, I was too overwhelmed with school, life, and how relationships and viewpoints change for people during that age.  I found refuge in the comic book store, but since I hadn’t been able to read any comic books regularly since 1995, I was lost.  I was going to get Punisher because, well, Punisher.  I was entranced by Quesda’s art on Daredevil.  Having always been a fan of George Perez and Kurt Busiek, picking up Avengers was an easy choice, but when I heard from my friend Chris Grady that Marvel was going to continue the adventures of May Parker from the above-pictured Spider-Girl, I had to get them because they picked up at the point of Spider-Man where I had left off. Then I learned that not only were we going to see an alternate future for May Parker, Spider-Girl, but that we would also see Juggernaut’s son, as well as a future group of Avengers!

A-Next #2 - Page 1

Here's a look at a couple of covers from those series!
Here’s a look at a couple of covers from those series!  That sentence stated the obvious!

As I thought more about these comics, I knew that I had to do an entry on them.  I started reading and reading comics in preparation for an entry on the MC2 universe, when I realized that I had to do this one in installments, so welcome to part one of the MC2 Summer here at The Unspoken Decade!  We will start with Spider-Girl, but first, what’s all this MC2 stuff about anyhow?

Yep, not getting the comic book you subscribed to because of cancellation is definitely what anyone would call hitting the jackpot.
Yep, not getting the comic book you subscribed to because of cancellation is definitely not what anyone would call hitting the jackpot.



Now, I could waste a few more paragraphs attempting to describe that point, or, I could let a master like Tom DeFalco use one of these handy gatefold-fold out covers that Marvel used in the late 90’s to explain back story to new readers.  These were great!  Why companies did not continue to use them, I have no idea.

I wish comic book companies would bring these back.  They were a staple at Marvel in the late 90's, and they helped me catch up to what I missed 95-98 FAST!
I wish comic book companies would bring these back. They were a staple at Marvel in the late 90’s, and they helped me catch up to what I missed 95-98 FAST!

This issue of What If, which basically serves as a Spider-Girl #0, “introduces” us to the Parker Family.  Peter and Mary Jane are married, and they are enjoying watching their daughter play high school basketball at the highest level.  Personally, I can’t stand watching high school basketball.  I am a huge fan of the college game (ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!), and I even keep up with NBA on a casual level, but high school sports in general bore me, unless they are occurring in the fictional town of Dillion, TX on the critically-acclaimed Friday Night Lights.  Have you noticed how it is a law that one says “critically acclaimed” before saying “Friday Night Lights”?

I digress, but forgive me, as both Spider-Girl and the Dillion Panthers (for real, watch Friday Night Lights:  It’s f’n great!) are great pieces of entertainment to remind you of when you were young.  You are reminded when everything was somehow simultaneously carefree but also constantly heavy.  You remember when your whole life was ahead of you, but you could not possibly think past your 5th period world history class.  Spider-Girl brings that to us, and it uses her burgeoning powers as a great vehicle to also deliver the anxiety and feelings of never being able to fit in that saturate our every moment when we are teenagers.

And by burgeoning, I mean, OBVIOUSLY ALREADY APPARENT!

Spider-Girl #0 - Page 4
Spider-Girl or Teen Wolf?
Spider-Girl #0 - Page 6
I hate to sound like an asshole, but don’t be dense, folks. Your daughter just jumped five feet above the rim and then threw the ball through the basket with such force that it SHATTERED THE BACKBOARD. If your teenage daughter is performing feats that Shaq or Michael Jordan couldn’t do because THEY aren’t superhuman, she probably has powers.

This issue is very fun!  Marvel has always seemed to be looking for a follow-up to Spider-Man since that success.  I mentioned this in a previous article about Darkhawk here at The Unspoken Decade, but it goes back awhile.  There was Nova in the 70’s, Speedball in the late 80’s to early 90’s, The New Warriors (who featured both Speedball and Darkhawk as members) in the 90’s, Sleepwalker in the 90’s, and Cloak & Dagger in the 80’s just to name a few off the top of my head.  I am sure more characters fit into this archetype in the Marvel Universe, so feel free to put a couple in the comments section.

The teenage super-hero archetype they had been trying to achieve again with varying levels of success is perfected here.  I think that this succeeds for a variety of reasons, a primary one being an editorial feel like the old Marvel Bullpen of the 60’s.  The blurbs are fun and insistent that MC2 is amazing, you’re amazing for reading it, and we are amazing together.  That’s vaguely reminiscent of a Beatles song, which makes the concept even cooler to me.  The other reason is the connection to Spider-Man and his mythos.  I found myself going along with the story much more easily than someone else sharing these archetypes because it a generational tale.  May Parker is learning Power and Responsibility now, just as we saw Peter do.  There’s just something about the tale of progeny continuing in the wake of the heroism of their parents that always gets to me.  The idea gives me hope that maybe nothing ever really dies…maybe it is just transmogrifies, e.g. energy.  In fact, there’s even some hope that thanks to the lessons Peter learned, May can do it better.

Spider-Girl #0 - Page 27

The focus on family has always been at the center of the Spider-Man universe, even if most of Peter’s family are adopted.  Loyalty, sacrifice, and togetherness are themes we see again and again, and Spider-Girl is no different except that Peter’s role has changed.  Now he takes on the Aunt May role as he worries about his daughter.

The thing I loved most about going through these first few issues was the subtextual exposure of the inherent hypocrisy in parenting.  The personal stuff between them is blatant, but the subtext to me is that ALL PARENTS are hypocritical due to the nature of the position.  In order for parents to help their kids be better than them, they have to tell their kids not to do what they did.  Not just because and not just for kicks or what have you (although parents probably have to get their kicks where and when they can what with all the child-rearing and all), but because otherwise, the experience of the parents is meaningless without passing that wisdom and knowledge on.  But as a child, how can you take that seriously b/c NEARLY EVERYTHING YOUR PARENTS TOLD YOU NOT TO DO IS SOMETHING THEY DID THEMSELVES.  Thankfully, your Dad wasn’t Spider-Man.

Spider-Girl #5 - Page 3
That’s sort of a strange thing to say, Peter. Do most parents of teenagers just allow their kids to put their lives at risk?

Spider-Girl #4 - Page 23 Spider-Girl #4 - Page 24

Remember when you used to turn your parents' logic against them?  I bet it is even more awesome when your Dad is The Spectacular Spider-Man
Remember when you used to turn your parents’ logic against them? I bet it is even more awesome when your dad is The Spectacular Spider-Man!  Also, Mary Jane is a damn good mom.


Spider-Girl would go on to become the longest running Marvel title featuring a solo female character, and this title also had a dedicated fanbase.  When the rest of MC2 died, Spider-Girl lived, being saved from cancellation on a few different occasions by the fervent fan base.  I love that sort of passion, and the idea that willpower, desire, and an unwillingness to cave in against great odds is really what superhero comics are all about, right?

Tom DeFalco, & Pat Olliffe are a great team, and I think Olliffe is sooooooo underrated. Kurt Busiek gets the credit for The Untold Tales of Spider-Man, but the art really helped drive the early Spidey feel of the book; we’ll cover it later, though, because this is an article about Spider-Girl.

DeFalco does a great job bridging the Marvel Universe of old (do the cool kids call it “The 616”?  If so, would that disqualify them as cool?  Let me in on the etiquette here, folks.) with MC2.  In the first few issues, we see Kingpin, Darkdevil (who I cannot wait to find out more about), and in one of those moments that will speak to the woebegone tribe of fans that love 90’s comics in spite of the constant ridicule aimed at us by the comics fans who see themselves as our betters, we see the “good guy” Green Goblin!  Yes, there was a good guy Green Goblin, and yes, he was awesome.  Hush if you think otherwise! (Actually, leave a comment.)

I think the reason that he flamed out as The Green Goblin is because his true calling would have been to be Captain Oblivious.
I think the reason that he flamed out as The Green Goblin is because his true calling would have been to be Captain Oblivious.

Spider-Girl is the place to start with MC2, but it is not the place to end, nor is it my favorite.  The book does provide the center of the MC2 universe, not unlike Spidey is the center of the standard Marvel Universe, and reverberations from all actions and events in MC2 seem to either start or end up here.  From the sneak preview of J2 in this book to the appearance of the Fantastic Five (who will get their own entry in a few weeks), this is pulse of where MC2 happens.  You’ll see the rest of the MC2 Universe here at The Unspoken Decade over the next month or so, and next week, you get to see my favorite MC2 character…J2!  See you then folks!