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Did you miss an entry?  Just can’t stop reading these over and over?  Lucky you, here in the Wayback Machine, The Unspoken Decade has everything in a handy list format for your reading pleasure!  Only full-length features are linked here.  There are a few tidbits floating around that you’ll have to discover on your own!  (All articles by Dean Compton unless otherwise credited!)

1.  You Can’t Go Home Again to the House of Ideas-Ravage 2099

2.  When the King Was Topps-Bombast

3.  Violence Begets Cheesecake-Vengeance of Vampirella (by Angel Hayes)

4.  The Front Line is Everywhere-Punisher War Zone #1

5.  All Men, Women, and Things Are Weapons-Punisher War Zone #2

6.  On the Street Where You Live-Doom Patrol featuring Danny the Street (by Angel Hayes)

7.  Finding Love in a Hopeless Place-Justice Society of America

8.  The Young, The Powerful, and The Confused-Darkhawk

9.  Mutants, Guns, and a Pariah-X-Force

10.  SUPER BLOG TEAM-UP!  Godkillers:  Doomsday and Bane

11.  The Forgotten Son-Starman #0 (by Angel Hayes)

12.  Smile Because It Happened-Death:  The High Cost of :Living (by Emily Scott)

13.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 1-MC2 Universe featuring Spider-Girl!

14.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 2-MC2 Universe featuring J2

15.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 3-MC2 Universe featuring A-Next

16.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 4-MC2 Universe:  A-Next Continued

17.  What the Hell Did I Just Read?-Engima Part 1 (by Emily Scott)

18.  Lizards and Mothers and Wells, Oh My:  Enigma Part 2  (by Emily Scott)

19.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 5-Fantastic Five-MC2 Universe

20.  The World You Have Always Known is Born Part 6-Wild Thing-MC2 Universe

21.  Am I But a Savage-Animal Man (By Angel Hayes)

22.  The Marvel UK Invasion-Genesis, Part 1 (by Sparky Ryan)

23.  The Marvel UK Invasion-Zenith and Nadir, Part 2 (by Sparky Ryan)

24.  Punisher Goes Black, Can Still Come Back (by Emily Scott)

25.  When Something Awful is Beautiful:  The Golden Age #1

26.  A New That Never Was:  The Golden Age #2

27. Hex for the Holidays (by Emily Scott)

28.  Of Martyrs, Men, and Matrimony-The Golden Age #3

29.  Onslaught:  A Look Back at the Mutant Menace (by Darry Weight)

30.  Have Yourself a Marvel Little Christmas (by Emily Scott)

31.  It’s the Most Punishing Time of the Year

32.  Bravery When Battling the Enemy Within:  The Golden Age #4

33. Hitman:  To All the Boys at Noonan’s (by Darry Weight)

34.  The Ghost in the Machine-Robocop vs. Terminator (by Emily Scott)

35.  SUPER BLOG TEAM UP:  5 Batmen, 1 Superman, ZERO HOUR!

36.  Audio Interview w/ Dan Jurgens on Zero Hour!

37.  Two Wrongs Making a Right:  SBTU Presents Punisher Meets Archie

38.  Death Is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans-Exiles Pt. 1

39.  The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions-Satan’s Six (by Emily Scott)

40.  The Kirbyverse! An Unlikely Sequel to the Hunting of the Snark (by Darry Weight)

41.  Death Is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans-Exiles Pt. 2

42.  Death Is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans-Exiles Pt. 3

43.  Interview w/ Tom Mason, co-creator of The Exiles

44.  One Hand, Two Heads, All Heart-Mr. Hero, The Pneumatic Man (by Emily Scott)

45.  Madness as Futility:  Ghost Rider #33

46.  Venom The Madness-Eddie Brock Joins the Outer Church (By Darry Weight)

47.  AlieNation-Skrull Kill Krew (By Emily Scott)

48.  The Great Debate-70’s vs. 90’s Comics (A Discussion w/ Paul O’ Connor of Longbox Graveyard)

49.  The Character of a City:  Gotham Nights

50.  He Calls Himself Cable-(By Darry Weight)

51.  Non-Non-Non-Non-Non-Heinous: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book (By Emily Scott)

52.  SBTU Presents:  Top 10 Avengers Moments of the 90’s!

53.  Slaying the Dragon (By J Nathan Couch)

54.  The World According to Henry J. Pym-THE LAST AVENGERS STORY (By Darry Weight)

55.  Things Just Got-X-TREME (By Sir Tawmis)

56.  No One Can be Told Who Matrix Is-90’s Supergirl (By Darry Weight)

57.  Operation:  Galactic Podcast (Operation:  Galactic Storm)

58.  Eightball:  A Personal Reminiscence Part 1 (All Eightball written by Ryan Carey)

59.  Eightball APR Part 2 

60.  Eightball APR Part 3

61.  Matthew Price Talks 90’s Comics!

62.  Eightball APR Part 4

63.  The Original Man in Black-James Robinson’s Reinvention of The Shade (By Darry Weight)

64.  Eightball APR Part 5

65.  Eightball APR Part 6

66.  Eightball APR Part 7

67.  Because No One Demanded It!-Armageddon 2001 (By Darry Weight)

68.  The Other Mystery Incorporated: Jam Session on 1963! (Article by Darry Weight, Podcast by Dean & Emily)

69.  Eightball APR Part 8

70.  Ultra Strange-A Sludge Podcast

71.  Interview w/Steven Grant

72.  Never Send a Woman to do a Woman’s Job (by Emily Scott)

73.  Six Weeks of Punishment :  Over the Edge Podcast

74.  Six Weeks of Punishment:  Deadly Knights

75.  Six Weeks of Punishment:  Punisher 2099 (by Emily Scott)

76.  Six Weeks of Punishment:  Punisher in Marvel Super Action #1 (in conjunction w/ Longbox Graveyard)

77. Six Weeks of Punishment:  Punisher Trading Card Gallery

78.  The Future of Comics Is Now!

79.  It’s Reigning, It’s Pouring-Reign of the Superman (by Symbifan)

80.  New Beginnings at the End of All Things-Man Thing Volume 3 (by Emily Scott)

81.   Super-Blog Team Up Presents:  War Machine vs. Cable

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