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90’s Treasure-Direct Currents #27!

Hey there Legions of the Unspoken!  I thought that I’d hit you guys with a quick post while I continue work on Exiles!  I love freebies from the comic book store.  I am the guy who nabs every button, bookmark, and butterscotch when I hit the LCS (which sadly, is too infrequently these days…), and I am sure you do as well!

In the 90’s, DC used to put out this great freebie to comic book stores called Direct Currents, which was named after their “Bullpen Bulletins” page.  This had upcoming titles, an article or 2, and usually an interview.

Well, how about you take a look at Direct Currents #27, from March of 1990?  Just for fun, tell me what you’d be pulling out of the checklist in the comments below!  And stay tuned for Exiles, Legions!

Direct Currents #27 (1990) - Page 1 Direct Currents #27 (1990) - Page 2 Direct Currents #27 (1990) - Page 3 Direct Currents #27 (1990) - Page 4