DC Direct Currents: DEATH OF SUPERMAN!

Hello Legions of the Unspoken!  I’m very sorry for not being around much as of late; I’ve been busy with my Kansas City Royals winning the World Series and just life in general aside from that.  I’ll have a full-length article or podcast up very soon, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the Direct Currents (DC’s house prozine of the late 80’s and 90’s) from January of 1993 that features a look at some Elseworlds stories, the underrated Scarlett, but most importantly, the Death ofSuperman!  Enjoy and tell us what you think was most exciting about what DC was putting out in 1993!

Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 1 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 2 B Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 4 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 6 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 8 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 10 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 12 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 14 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 16

2 thoughts on “DC Direct Currents: DEATH OF SUPERMAN!”

  1. Love these! Just stumbled across my early-mid nineties cache of Direct Currents myself, it’s fun to catch up with ’em every now and then.

    Also came across a box of early nineties Previews catalogs. Being a pack rat has its advantages, I suppose.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. They’re so fun! I love the Marvel one they had then, as well as old CSN print editions. I am also a sucker for those checklist cards they used to print inthe 90’s. Do they still do that?


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