The Marvel Age is Upon Us!


Hello Legions of the Unspoken!

Hope you’re getting ready for the holidays in style!  In the meantime, take a look at a few excerpts from Marvel Age #132 (Jan 1994)!  I am sure all of you recall the Marvel hype magazine that was on seemingly every newsstand in the 90’s, but I could never find it at my local comics shop!

We’ve got news here on an NFL/X-Men team-up, new revelations for the X-Men, a Spider-Man magazine for the younger folks, and even THomas the Tank Engine!

I’m also tossing in the December checklist!  Let us know what you would have been picking up in the comments!




Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 1

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 3

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 4

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 29

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 30

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