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DC Direct Currents: DEATH OF SUPERMAN!

Hello Legions of the Unspoken!  I’m very sorry for not being around much as of late; I’ve been busy with my Kansas City Royals winning the World Series and just life in general aside from that.  I’ll have a full-length article or podcast up very soon, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the Direct Currents (DC’s house prozine of the late 80’s and 90’s) from January of 1993 that features a look at some Elseworlds stories, the underrated Scarlett, but most importantly, the Death ofSuperman!  Enjoy and tell us what you think was most exciting about what DC was putting out in 1993!

Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 1 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 2 B Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 4 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 6 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 8 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 10 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 12 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 14 Direct Currents #58 (1993) - Page 16


Thanks for joining us here for the Friday Follow-Up!

Today we will be looking at some awesome but random images of the Justice Society of America!  I am also including the cover of the first appearance of Power Girl because I love her and the Super Squad!  I wish they would have stayed together longer, just her, Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid.  Alas, they did not, although Infinity Inc. did feature two of them prominently.  As if I wasn’t already being good enough to you, I found a sweet pin-up of the JSA by my favorite artist of all time, (except Kirby), George Perez!

As it is, enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy some great JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA!!!!!