Inversion as Delight-A USAgent Gallery!!!

Hey folks!  Unfortunately, Angel Hayes is running into technical issues, and she can’t get her great article on Starman up!  But keep your eyes peeled here over the next few days for it, and in the meantime, enjoy a gallery of one of my favorite heroes of the 90’s USAgent!

USAgent started out as a hero called the Super-Patriot, who got his powers from the Power Broker.  He goads Captain America into fighting him, and eventually replaces the Cap for a period of time!  When Steve Rogers comes back to being Captain America, John Walker sticks around as USAgent, doing work for the Commission on Super-Human Activities, joining the Avengers, joining Force Works, and eventually hunting down the Thunderbolts.

I first saw the guy when I started collecting the Marvel cards that were very popular in the 90’s.  I loved him instantly.  I loved his Captain America knock-off costume (which had actually been worn by Steve Rogers during the time that John Walker was Captain America), I loved that he had his own shield, and when I got to read some Avengers West Coast, I loved his attitude.  He and Guy Gardner remind me a lot of one another, in that they are jerks who aren’t evil who got superpowers.  The superhero world makes it easy for us to forget that in the real world, many folks are jerks who are not evil.  It’s fun to watch USAgent talk with his (at least in their eyes) morally superior teammates.

Enjoy this Gallery of USAgent pics, and be here when Starman heads your way, and don’t forget Super Blog Team-Up a week from Wednesday!

1991 usagentusagent 1991 back
WestCoastAvengers #102 - Page 1 WestCoastAvengers #98 - Page 1 usagent bloodties WestCoastAvengers #60 - Page 1 WestCoastAvengers #68 - Page 1 WestCoastAvengers #81 - Page 1 WestCoastAvengers #93 - Page 1 US Agent V1 #4 (1993) - Page 1 US Agent V1 #3 (1993) - Page 1 US Agent V1 #2 (1993) - Page 1 US Agent V1 #1 - Page 1 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series V (1994) - Page 335 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series III (1992) - Page 166 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series III (1992) - Page 165 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series V (1994) - Page 334 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series V (1994) - Page 57 Force Works #16 - Page 1 Force Works #7 - Page 1 Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series IV (1993) - Page 152 Force Works #1 - Page 1Force Works #3 - Page 1Marvel Universe Trading Cards - Series IV (1993) - Page 151


Thanks for joining us here for the Friday Follow-Up!

Today we will be looking at some awesome but random images of the Justice Society of America!  I am also including the cover of the first appearance of Power Girl because I love her and the Super Squad!  I wish they would have stayed together longer, just her, Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid.  Alas, they did not, although Infinity Inc. did feature two of them prominently.  As if I wasn’t already being good enough to you, I found a sweet pin-up of the JSA by my favorite artist of all time, (except Kirby), George Perez!

As it is, enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy some great JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA!!!!!







FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP!!!! Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Gallery!


As I have mentioned, Punisher appeared in any and everything in the early 90’s.  That skull meant sales for a sagging title for a long time, but of course, that same overexposire meant the demise of Punisher as a viable franchise for a few years (Angel Punisher anyone?).

One crossover storyline that heavily featured Punisher that was also emblematic of the 90’s was the Amazing Spider-Man story, “Round Robin:  The Sidekick’s Revenge”.  The story centered around Moon Knight’s sidekick Midnight, so I am unsure why this story wasn’t in that one book Marvel put out.  What was it called?  OH YEAH IT WAS MOON KNIGHT.

This story has every 90’s new guy in it,  Darkhawk, Nova (who was a 70’s character making a comeback), Night Thrasher, and Moon Knight, of course.  Punisher was also there, as it seems like Punisher and Spidey always guested in each other’s book.  They were the sort of friends where if you were looking for Punisher, you found Spidey.  Also, they don’t really care for one another, so I guess they aren’t like those sort of pals at all.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t go well together, so take a gander at this awesome gallery of 90’s team-up goodness!!!!!

216 Amazing Spider-Man #353 - Page 1

217 Amazing Spider-Man #354 - Page 1

226 Amazing Spider-Man #355 - Page 1

227 Amazing Spider-Man #356 - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #357 (1992) - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #358 (1992) - Page 1