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FOLLOW-UP FRIDAY!!!!!! Assassin’s Run-Punisher War Zone #3-11


Hey folks, it is FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP here at The Unspoken Decade!   For the second week in a row, we have brought you Punisher!  Now, don’t fret over the overexposure, Angel, will be in next week with some decidedly non-vigilante stuff, and when I come back the week after that, I will be bringing you the great Justice Society of America series from 1992 by Len Strazewski and the late Mike Parobeck!  So good!

But for now, we are looking at the end of the storyarc I have been covering in Punisher:  War Zone.  Punisher’s cover gets blown because he gets too greedy and keeps hitting too many Carbone establishments.  The Carbones hit Punisher hard, and they leave him for dead, only for Shotgun, the guy from #1 who killed 103 people, to show up and save him.  They then attack the Carbone family at Rosa’s wedding, where Punisher kills her Dad and her fiancé.  Then because her day was already going so well, he informs her that he never really cared about her, and he sort of calls her spoiled and naïve.

She reacts to this very well.

She hires several assassins who are named after what they do because sometimes life is an awesome exploitation film. (Silence is a ninja, Garrote uses a Garrote.  I Love it!)  They all attack Punisher, forming and disbanding a variety of alliances.  Punisher, believe it or not, kills them.  For real, dude, dead.  Of course, he kidnaps Rosa Carbone and uses her as bait to basically draw the killers into a trap!  He gets some help from Lynne Michaels and old pal along the way!  I won’t spoil anything else for you but the covers!!!!!

255 The Punisher War Zone #3 - Page 1 260 The Punisher War Zone #4 - Page 1 275 The Punisher War Zone #6 - Page 1 286 The Punisher War Zone #7 - Page 1 291 The Punisher War Zone #8 - Page 1 292 The Punisher War Zone #298 - Page 1 301 The Punisher War Zone #10 - Page 1

267 The Punisher War Zone #5 - Page 1
This one is very special to me because it was one of the first comics I bought when I started getting big into comics. I got it at Wal-Mart, and I read and re-read it until it came off the staples. Being a 7th grader, I also though the blood coming out from under his eye was amazing.

FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP!!!! Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Gallery!


As I have mentioned, Punisher appeared in any and everything in the early 90’s.  That skull meant sales for a sagging title for a long time, but of course, that same overexposire meant the demise of Punisher as a viable franchise for a few years (Angel Punisher anyone?).

One crossover storyline that heavily featured Punisher that was also emblematic of the 90’s was the Amazing Spider-Man story, “Round Robin:  The Sidekick’s Revenge”.  The story centered around Moon Knight’s sidekick Midnight, so I am unsure why this story wasn’t in that one book Marvel put out.  What was it called?  OH YEAH IT WAS MOON KNIGHT.

This story has every 90’s new guy in it,  Darkhawk, Nova (who was a 70’s character making a comeback), Night Thrasher, and Moon Knight, of course.  Punisher was also there, as it seems like Punisher and Spidey always guested in each other’s book.  They were the sort of friends where if you were looking for Punisher, you found Spidey.  Also, they don’t really care for one another, so I guess they aren’t like those sort of pals at all.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t go well together, so take a gander at this awesome gallery of 90’s team-up goodness!!!!!

216 Amazing Spider-Man #353 - Page 1

217 Amazing Spider-Man #354 - Page 1

226 Amazing Spider-Man #355 - Page 1

227 Amazing Spider-Man #356 - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #357 (1992) - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #358 (1992) - Page 1