FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP!!!! Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Gallery!


As I have mentioned, Punisher appeared in any and everything in the early 90’s.  That skull meant sales for a sagging title for a long time, but of course, that same overexposire meant the demise of Punisher as a viable franchise for a few years (Angel Punisher anyone?).

One crossover storyline that heavily featured Punisher that was also emblematic of the 90’s was the Amazing Spider-Man story, “Round Robin:  The Sidekick’s Revenge”.  The story centered around Moon Knight’s sidekick Midnight, so I am unsure why this story wasn’t in that one book Marvel put out.  What was it called?  OH YEAH IT WAS MOON KNIGHT.

This story has every 90’s new guy in it,  Darkhawk, Nova (who was a 70’s character making a comeback), Night Thrasher, and Moon Knight, of course.  Punisher was also there, as it seems like Punisher and Spidey always guested in each other’s book.  They were the sort of friends where if you were looking for Punisher, you found Spidey.  Also, they don’t really care for one another, so I guess they aren’t like those sort of pals at all.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t go well together, so take a gander at this awesome gallery of 90’s team-up goodness!!!!!

216 Amazing Spider-Man #353 - Page 1

217 Amazing Spider-Man #354 - Page 1

226 Amazing Spider-Man #355 - Page 1

227 Amazing Spider-Man #356 - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #357 (1992) - Page 1

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #358 (1992) - Page 1

4 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOLLOW-UP!!!! Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Gallery!”

    1. What a low threshold to brag about. Stan Lee would be disappointed. Conversely though, this was exciting as hell when I was in 7th grade. I still like it, but that’s mostly for Punisher.


  1. I have a couple of these, but not the full story.

    The Punisher Spidey relationship was weird, every writer wrote it differently. Thre’s two in particular that are very different in the way they handle it – Amazing 330 and 331 where they almost seem to be friends, but then a few months later in War Journal 14 and 15 where it’s a much more antagonistic relationship.


    1. Yeah, the only constant is begrudging respect. Sometimes some writers portray them as almost chummy, but that should not be how they are if you ask me.


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