Unspoken Issues – BONUS – Interview with Gregory Wright



Recently, a poll was put up on the Unspoken Decade Facebook page to determine what our next discussion was going to cover.  “Spider-Man” #14 and “Morbius: The Living Vampire” #12 went head to head and the winner was the ol’ web head himself, Spidey.  BUT those issues had more in common than just featuring the seemingly forever cursed Morbius, both issues shared the same colorist, and that very same person also wrote Morbius #12!  And on this special episode, Chris and Jesse were lucky enough to spend some time talking with them about their career in comics along with some insights into the creation of both of those issues.

So join us, as Unspoken Issues chats with comic book colorist and writer, Gregory Wright.




After listening to the interview, do not forget to check out the latest episode of Unspoken Issues where Chris and Jesse discuss just what happens to Morbius in the pages of “Spider-Man” #14 by clicking the cover below !


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