Unspoken Issues #11 – Super Blog Team Up – “Chromium” – “Darkhawk” #25

Unspoken Issues is proud to take part in the most recent Super Blog Team Up event… CHROMIUM!  Now, we are not just restricted to that special shiny material most are already familiar with.  No, in this event “chromium” focuses on anything that made a book special outside of the normal, everyday comic you would pick up off of the shelf. 

Thanks to a decision made by our friends over at the Unspoken Decade Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/theunspokendecade/), this episode, Chris and Jesse talk about Darkhawk #25, the finale to a 5 part story titled “Return to Forever.”  In this issue we get a big reveal into the pieces of Darkhawk’s origin and finally answers to some mysteries that came before.

But before we get to that, Jesse quizzes Chris on some comic book gimmick firsts!

To listen, click herehttps://www.spreaker.com/episode/21862604

Darkhawk #25


Do not forget to check out the other great blogs and podcasts that are participating in this event!  You can also go to Twitter and type in #SBTUChromium or just #SBTU to easily find links to content!

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