Hell Comes to X-Force

X-Force, particularly the early issues of X-Force, embodied the excess of the 90’s, but even a midst the age of extreme, less could be more.  Take a look at the excellent work of Mike Mignola on X-Force.  I bet you didn’t even know he did some X-Force!  Oh, you did?  Well, now I look foolish.  Enjoy some work from the creator of Hellboy, and get ready to see more of both Hellboy and Mignola right here at The Unspoken Decade!!!

X-Force #8 - Page 10 Annual 001 New Mutants #7 - Page 1 X-Force #8 - Page 2 X-Force #8 - Page 5 X-Force #8 - Page 7

That’s just beautiful, plus we learn Cable’s taste in stand-up comedy.   Lenny Bruce is not afraid according to R.E.M., but perhaps he should be. Come back tomorrow for Super-Blog Team-Up!

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