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Six Weeks of Punishment: Over the Edge Podcast!

Greetings, Legions of the Unspoken! It’s an exciting time here at The Unspoken Decade as we gear up for our very own Dean Compton’s favorite character to make a first appearance on Netflix’s Daredevil! And no, folks, I’m not talking about Elektra. It’s none other than Mr. Frank Castle, the one and certainly the only, Punisher. And what better way to get psyched for his debut than Six Weeks of Punishment?

This weekend Mr. Compton will bring you Punisher and Batman: Deadly Knights, and I, Emily Scott, will take a look at Punisher 2099 shortly after that. We are kicking off Six Weeks of Punishment, though, with the event that launched the short-lived Marvel Edge imprint, Over the Edge, a showdown of Castle versus Nick Fury that includes Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Hulk’s titles. Take a listen to mine and Dean’s podcast below, take a look at some sweet very 90s covers, and take another trip back to the Unspoken Decade this weekend for more punishment. For the next six weeks, we’re all gluttons.

Steven Grant goes back to the 90’s!

Hey there Legions of the Unspoken, your old pal Dean Compton has returned, and I’ve brought someone much cooler with me!  Steven Grant (Whisper, Punisher, The Rook, X, Challenges of the Unknown, Two Guns, etc…) was kind enough to take about 90 minutes out of his day to chat up the 90’s with us!  We cover lots of ground involving his work and some events of the 90’s!  Take a listen!  You don’t have anything better to do anyhow!


Whisper V2 #35 (1990) - Page 1

Edge #2 - Page 1

420 The Punisher War Journal #66 - Page 1

The Marvel Age is Upon Us!


Hello Legions of the Unspoken!

Hope you’re getting ready for the holidays in style!  In the meantime, take a look at a few excerpts from Marvel Age #132 (Jan 1994)!  I am sure all of you recall the Marvel hype magazine that was on seemingly every newsstand in the 90’s, but I could never find it at my local comics shop!

We’ve got news here on an NFL/X-Men team-up, new revelations for the X-Men, a Spider-Man magazine for the younger folks, and even THomas the Tank Engine!

I’m also tossing in the December checklist!  Let us know what you would have been picking up in the comments!




Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 1

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 3

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 4

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 29

Marvel Age #132 (1994) - Page 30