Long Live the King! (part 1)

So, does he just talk to fish? Sadly, that’s all that enters most people’s minds when they think of Aquaman. The guy rules nearly three fourths of the planet, can rip open a tank with his bare hands, and has skin that’s tough enough to withstand the intense pressure of the lowest depths of the oceanic floor! All of this, and you’re all concerned with his power to telepathically communicate with aquatic lifeforms?! For shame! Anywho, that being said, this article isn’t really even about Aquaman. It’s about a rival to his throne that most fans have all but forgotten. This is the tale of King Noble…..

Our story begins with a celebration. The King of Atlantis not only celebrates the day of his birth, but the recent completion of his rebuilt cities. Many come to rejoice in the glory of the new undersea kingdom as well as Aquaman’s birthday. Yes. It is most certainly a day of happiness. But not all are as pleased. Sinister eyes flash with anger in the darkest depths. (Uh-oh. Looks like someone doesn’t like loud parties. I can relate at my age. Damn kids and their hippity hop music!)

With a kingly speech, Aquaman proclaims the new Atlantis officially complete! That’s when the explosions begin! The mighty domes that cover the cities explode into shards, raining down upon the amassed people below! The king looks to the source of this destruction and his gaze is met by the emergence of a heavily-armored and well-armed army of attackers! (Man, Princess Ariel’s dad’s gonna be really peeved!)

This is far from Aquaman’s first rodeo. The ruler in him immediately takes over. He goes into king/superhero mode and begins giving orders to his loyal compatriots on how to best retaliate against this savage onslaught. He then turns his attention to protecting his people. When this is attended to, he demands an audience with the leader of this terrorist group. He doesn’t have long to wait. The leader fearlessly approaches! (It’s on like Donkey Kong! That reference is a bit dated. Umm. It’s on like Call of Duty! There! I’m hip.)

The gray-skinned man says that he is known as King Noble and that the Atlanteans are not wanted in what is their domain. Aquaman replies in anger that this has been the home to his people for time untold. Noble merely says that his people, the Lurkers, have existed beneath this place since before the Atlanteans’ arrival here and that the recent encroachment upon their land has incurred their wrath. Shocked by this, Aquaman demonstrates how the very creatures of the deep obey his very thoughts. Is this not a sign that not only he, but his people were meant for this place? Noble answers with a fist to the King of Atlantis’ face! (Yeah. Way to prove your point, Arthur. I can get a house cat to come to me, but I’d hardly say that I’m destined to be Lord of the Cats! Or should I? Hmmm…..)

The mighty blow staggers Aquaman! But he has fought more battles in his life than he could possibly count. Recovering quickly, he fires his harpoon hand at Noble! The cable attached almost ensnares the King of the Lurkers, but he grabs hold quickly and, with a powerful yank, snaps the cable! (Aquaman had better watch out! Next Noble may just punch a hole into the aquatic superhero’s metal bra just for kicks!) Aquaman turns and swims towards a nearby power station. Seemingly having boxed himself in, Noble swims at him like a torpedo, ready for the kill! At the last moment, Aquaman moves, causing Noble to crash into the complex equipment! He is electrified into unconsciousness! Aquaman then grabs the fallen king by his hair and demands that he swear aligence to him! The Lurkers have other ideas as they ready their weapons in defense of their downed ruler!

To be concluded…..

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