Friday Follow-Up! X-Force Cards!



One of the very best things about the 90’s was the the fact that the comics companies had so many great card sets produced.  Many of my pals, and myself, found the cards exciting.  While many of my pals did not wind up the lifelong superhero fan that I am, many of us still recall these cards with reverence.  Here are some of my favorite cards that feature X-Force, plus a few of the “Cable Files” that were included in early issues of X-Force!  See you Monday for Starman!

X-Men ' Fleer Ultra #95 (1995) - Page 226 X-Force Promo Cards (1991) - Page 8 X-Men ' Fleer Ultra #95 (1995) - Page 253 xmen series 1 cable cannonball card cable vs stryfe siryn card stryfe card warpath cable fleer ultra cable 95 X-Force Promo Cards (1991) - Page 2 X-Force Promo Cards (1991) - Page 4 X-Force Promo Cards (1991) - Page 6 X-Force #6 - Page 21 X-Force #6 - Page 18 X-Force #6 - Page 19 X-Force #6 - Page 20

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